Jeb! The Donald! Notes from the Clown Car

Notes from the Republican clown car... or as they like to think of it, presidential campaign.

Jeb Bush has been running for the office ever since he noticed that his brother W (for "Worst-ever") did not actually get indicted for treason.  But he's afraid that people might actually remember that brother of his who lied us into a war in Iraq because twenty Saudis trained in Afghanistan to crash four planes into the sides of buildings in the US.  And who crashed the economy into the side of a mountain in order to make his billionaire buddies billioner.

So his campaign's official logo conveniently omits something:

That's right - no last name.  Seems about right.  If my name were Bush I would probably just move to the Caymans so I could be closer to my bribes hard-earned wealth.

Meanwhile, back at Clown Central, the clowniest clown who ever clowned has agreed to a ride in the Clown Car

So now the Party of Nope is ever more solidly the Party of Dope.  Let's hope he gets sued by Neil Young soon for illegally using "Rockin' in the Free World" as his campaign music.  Is it possible there's another song that more completely indicts the sliminess of the 1980s selfish-conservertarian swamp that spawned The Donald?
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