No Post Today. Just Post-It Notes.

I can't write a blog post today so here is the text of a collection 
of Post-It Notes I found laying around the old bloggery.

Yes, President Obama said “nigger” during an interview 
this week.  The word exists and people (obviously) still
do not understand much about it. 
How about we pay attention to the other 43 presidents 
and thousands of other elected officials who've undoubtedly
used that word as a slur, and not in a lesson.

Atheism is a religion like:
  - Not collecting stamps is a hobby
  - Abstinence is a sex act
  - Off is a TV channel
  - Fasting is a meal
  - Nudity is a clothing line 
                     Thanks to Hemant Mehta 

If you think Josh Duggar 
is just an aberration, learn
more about Quiverfull here.

North Carolina Republicans did not think an upcoming judicial 
election would go well for them.  So they canceled it.
If you doubt this is a dry run for a larger (national) move like 
this, please check out my craigslist ad for that bridge in NY.

I have, numerous times, at work in the afternoon, said to 
myself, “I wish I had ridden my bike here today."  Not ONCE 
have I said, “I wish I had NOT ridden my bike here today.”  
This morning, when the conventional forecast said, “Rain 
until mid-afternoon” I almost did not ride.  But then I checked and it showed me that for the next hour or so I 
would see a break in the rain. rocks. And the weather is beautiful now, and 
my bike is in the rack downstairs.