Put up a Giant Religious Symbol on Your Property? It's OK if you're Christian

You'd think Christians would be totally understanding about people being moved by whatever spirit moves them to erect large religious symbols on their property.  But I have learned that statements that begin with "You'd think" often end with disappointment.  No different here.

According to this NZ Herald story, Bryce Watts of Auckland is freaking out because his neighbor's 21ft. statue of the Hindu god Shiva is visible from parts of his property.  "I don't see why we should have it poked down our throats in such a big way," Watts actually said without any discernible irony.  "It's 10m from our boundary which is within the rules where you can build a building. It's like, 'bad luck, if you don't like it, it's your problem'. I find it really hard to believe in this day and age that this can happen."

Yes, imagine that in this day and age someone could be so devoted to a baseless superstition that they would want to do something like build crosses across America,  or the 200 ft. Branson Cross, or the my-giant-phallic-symbol-is-gianter-than-yours 230 ft. Flora-Bama project.  These noble efforts are actively bilking the rubes taking tax deductible donations.  Unlike the statue in Auckland, which was financed entirely by the family that built it on their own property.  It was also done entirely within the town's zoning regulations, as compared to the  Brandon, MS cross which demands the right to exceed the town's 20ft. height limit on structures by 90ft.

Maybe Mr Watts should just move to Christchurch, since all sense of irony seems to have eluded him anyway.