Congressmen Know Why There Were Riots in Baltimore!

Congressman Mo Brooks (R - AL) knows that the violent protests in Baltimore following Freddie Gray's death were not caused by the decades of abusive policing, or the economic devastation of the entire working class of a major city by taxpayer-subsidized job exports.  No sir.  He was on Birmingham talk radio to let us know that illegal immigration and politicians' interest in more lenient drug laws are the “factors culminating in what we saw in Baltimore.”  I guess that's why, during the protests, he was working his butt off to make sure the Pentagon got even more money than they requested toward such important defense industry priorities the F-35 fighter plane.  So what if it will cost as much as $1.45 trillion total and the military says they don't want it and probably will never use it?  Those defense contractor lobbyists must be attended to.

Meanwhile, Bill Flores (R-TX), spoke on a podcast about the Supreme Court's marriage equality hearing on April 29.  Flores assesses that “what is going on in Baltimore” is due to the lack of marriages “between a man and a woman.” 

Good to know our Congress is so on-the-ball about the issues affecting millions of us, and ready to wave the twin flags of "defense" spending and bigotry at those issues.