What Caused the Baltimore Riots? Depends Who You Are

Your idea of what caused the Baltimore riots seems to depend pretty heavily on who you are.
This Pew Research survey includes a fairly stark breakdown of the causes asserted by black and white respondents.  Note the White-Black difference column.

More Blacks than Whites Say Poverty Contributed a ‘Great Deal’ to Unrest
Totals more than 100% because multiple causes could be cited

And here is the same question again, but this time the difference column reflects the Republican-Democratic divide:
Partisan Differences in Views of Factors Behind Unrest in Baltimore

On four of the five factors, the differences are markedly larger.  I'll admit to not knowing what to make of the "initial response by city officials." differences.  I suppose there are two ways to interpret that - one being, "City officials should have seen the injustice and taken decisive action sooner!" and the other might be something like, "If city officials had smoothed this over more quickly with those people, it would never have gotten so out-of-hand."  But either interpretation is just speculation.