There's no Lash like a Backlash

I am starting to think that it really is the bigots' last stand.  Which certainly has the potential to get ugly - as well-armed as they are.  Still, things do seem to be moving in the right direction.

First off, Franklin Graham moved his money out of that gay-smooching bank, Wells Fargo, and right into BB&T which is specifically, exclusively for manly men and... oops.  Looks like his new bank has a nice, high rating from the HRC and is a Platinum Sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride.  I hate moving banks because it's such a hassle, so I am relishing Frankie having to do it twice in one month.  Or maybe, in North Carolina where he lives, they have a branch that promises to offset anything progressive the rest of the company does by buying kegs for the KKK rallies.  He'd be down with that, wouldn't he?

So now that you're smiling at that, be prepared for a warm glow to spread.  According to this article in today's NY Times, the effect of Indiana's "Religious Freedom" act (or, as I like to call it, "Bigotry is OK if You Wave a Bible Around" act) is maybe not what the troglodytes Republicans who worked to pass it intended.   In fact, as Pride Week opens in Indiana, support is greater this year than ever: and both from the corporate world and from straight allies.  Quoth the Times: “'We hate that we had to go through that,' said Chris Morehead, president of Indy Pride Inc., a local gay rights group that organized this week’s events. 'But on the back side of it, we saw support from places we never imagined.'”

I hope Gov. Pence is sharing in the warm glow.

Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein for the NY Times