The Business Model of NSA Apologists

Mark Felt, in his Deep Throat incarnation, told Woodward, "follow the money."  Woodward paid attention to this should-be-obvious advice and the Nixon presidency was cooked.

Today, the biggest inside-out rot comes from the NSA, the CIA, and their unlimited surveillance feeding codependency with paranoia about "terrorism".

CNN and other stenography pools journalism organizations put one talking head after another on TV to shriek about how brown people gonna kill us all unless we flay Ed Snowden alive and turn over all our browsing and cell phone data to Big Brother.

Lee Fang from The Intercept actually followed the money, and oh, guess what.  Turns out these talking heads are all making major bank from contractors providing surveillance tech to the NSA and its ilk.

It's enough to make a person cynical, I tell you.

via BoingBoing