No Racism Here

Racism is over, after all. Why, the Jacksonville, FL school board voted unanimously to remove the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest from what is now known simply as Westside High School.  Forrest, as you know, was a founder of the social justice warrior group known by its initial K, just three times over.  Anyhow, Duval County school board members took that brave and progressive measure well over a year ago!  Maybe soon even Tennessee parks and schools will catch up.

Meanwhile, in Denton, TX "vandals", as the city is affectionately calling them, did this:

Well, I don't know why the city wasted $50,000 removing this factual enhancement from the monument, but they did.  A silly waste of tax money.  Still, they intend to reward the folks who so gallantly tried to help educate the populace by granting them up to two years of free housing and meals.  Plus a lifetime ban from attending events on the Denton, TX Courthouse Lawn.

(p.s. I've already helped myself to that last prize, and I didn't even have to factually enhance a monument to traitors to get it.  Don't tell Denton!)