Geocaching Puzzle #4: Coordinate Factory

In this puzzle, you'll make some coordinates... and you'll discard the shavings.

Here are two clues for you. Each of these clues allows you to make a set of coordinates to find part of the "raw material" you need to make the coords for the final.

Waypoint 1: 399957378029148Waypoint 2: 166643881959745

When I originally posted this as a geocache, I had to warn people to stay north and east of the right-of-way for the power lines. Although it's not thoroughly marked, parkland ends and private property begins at that otherwise inviting trail.  This turned out to be optimistic.  I got a report from a cacher that the final container was on private property (a big no-no in caching) and I rechecked Google Maps, which said that the park borders had my spot well over 100' into the parkland.  So I called up the Monroe County cartography department and they informed me that Google Maps had the border of the park wrong.  Alas, I had to retire the cache at that point.

Post the solutions to the two intermediate points in the submission form and I will return the corresponding portion of the clue that is the raw material to make the final.

This is part of the occasional series of geocaching puzzle posts.  Solve the puzzles as I publish them here, and submit the correct GPS coordinates (somewhere in Monroe County, NY) on the page linked at the right.  Coordinates are in degrees and minutes to the third decimal place.  The first person to solve each puzzle correctly gets an honorable mention in the next post, and the first person to solve the final one wins a one-year PREMIUM subscription to LastPass!