ZT for Hate

This is my new tagline on social media.  Zero-tolerance where it's actually needed.

Zero tolerance for MRAs claiming freedom of speech allows them to harass and hate and hound women into silence.  Nope!  ZT, in fact, for all misogynists, however genteel or "gentlemanly" they come on.

If you think "Social Justice" is the problem, you just might be the problem.

ZT for Christian bigots claiming freedom of religion allows them to dehumanize LGB and especially T people.  Nope.  By the way, these "religious freedom" arguments were made from a hundred and fifty years ago onward, to support the activities of the KKK.  And what is their best-known symbol?

A fiery Cross.

ZT for barely controlled psychopaths parading around with guns, terrorizing actual peaceful citizens.  No matter what color their shirt is.  Nope.

If they need a gun to make some point, they're probably overcompensating.

ZT for hate.  Life is too short.

Eat dessert first. 

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F