When Reality Can No Longer be Parodied

When the reality of the trainwreck that is our rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth Republican party becomes too much to bear, the parodists become the newswriters.

Take a minute and watch this ad for Mississippi tourism (which might as well apply to any of the old CSA):


OK, that is obviously a parody.  Well, OK, that is obviously produced by Funny or Die, who do parody for a living.  Most of the time.  I always thought parody had to introduce elements of unreality to qualify as such; I challenge you to find me the unreal elements of the video above.

And now, what are we to make of this page from the Boston Globe?

Screenshot from 2016-04-10 08:50:36
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That's dated 52 weeks hence, so it's obviously not real, not in the most trivial sense.  But the Globe is not in the parody biz, last time I checked.  Since the recording and retelling of reality is not making any headway against the mental cancer taking over almost half this country, I suppose someone thought, heck, why not try something else?