They Hate Our Freedoms

I just read this awesome rant.  It really gels a lot of the undercurrent running around the Fox-News-watching, Crazy-Uncle-at-the-Thanksgiving-table, Trump-Cruz-Rubio-voting scum on the top of the American pond.

I submit that the racists, the anti-LGBTQ bigots, the Christian Dominionists, the sexists, the xenophobes are the true villains who "hate our freedoms," as their lap-dog W did say one day.  They hate the freedom of religion.  When they scream that their freedom of religion is endangered, they mean the freedom to use their religion as an excuse to demean and diminish the rights of everyone who's not down with their program.  When they scream that their freedom of speech is endangered, they mean their freedom to express their bile and bigotry as loudly as they want and be insulated from the social consequences.

Their freedoms have never been in danger, but they won't rest until everyone who's not like them have no freedoms left.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F