Paxton Again

Ken Paxtoncnn_nd_paxton_150513c-2-800x430
 is the Texas Attorney General and his definition of "legal" is, apparently, "anything Ken Paxton can get away with!"

But even Yours Truly, humble cynic of a blogger that I am, was really blown away when I read this:

The SEC said Paxton told investigators that the shares were a gift from Mapp, not necessarily a commission. According to the complaint, Paxton claimed he accepted the shares only after Mapp refused to accept an offer from Paxton to invest $100,000 of his own money in Servergy.

“I can’t take your money. God doesn’t want me to take your money,” Mapp told Paxton during a meeting at a Dairy Queen during the summer of 2011 in McKinney, according to the SEC.

In other words, he did not pay the bargain price for the stock because God wanted him to take the bribe at 100% full value, no kickback to the briber.  My meetings at Dairy Queen, I hasten to add, never have this kind of "happy ending."

I will grant that the body politic of Texas appear to be more than stupid enough to accept this rationale.  But now he's up on Federal charges so he might have a less credulous audience for his bullshit this time.  Which does make me wonder why he's gone to an even more implausible tale.

But hey, he's the brilliant lawyer, not me.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F