Ugh. We did it again

Are we idiots?  We just might be.

We acted this weekend in the interests of the

  • Candy Industry
  • Golf Industry
  • Gasoline producers and retailers
  • Barbecue grill manufacturers 

Because we are good little consumer-units who do what we're told and pretend it's an hour earlier or later than it really is when we are told to.  

The candy industry, for example, was behind the latest change, in 2005, to push the "fall-back" into November because (and you have figured it out by now) more kids trick-or-treating until later that last day of October might boost their sales 0.17%!  So what matter a few thousand heart attacks or auto deaths?

And of course, the petroleum industry (motto: Destroying the habitability of this planet since 1880) knows that with an extra hour of "daylight" people go driving more and gasoline consumption spikes.  So what matters the future of the species?  They are gonna have a few more swell fiscal quarters, then go f* upMars.

And this, the best perk of all for those ratf*ers in power: it gets dark an hour earlier on Election Day, suppressing turnout and helping feudalism and racism stay in the driver seat.  So screw that:  go vote!  Vote like it was noonday sun out there!

Lesson: Don't f* with the clocks!

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This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F