Decoding "Make America Great Again"

Great piece in The Raw Story: "Racist ex-Trump delegate decodes ‘Make America Great Again’: White men wish it was still 1955"

I know, right?  It sounds like it has to be a parody of something.  Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver?  But this nut-job, William Johnson, the openly racist head of the white-nationalist American Freedom Party, says that's exactly what we need:

We need to move beyond feminism and support the traditional family, where the husband works and the wife raises the family, and they can afford to live in their own home on a single workers’ income and raise their children,” Johnson said. “That’s the ideal solution. That’s the solution in the ’50s, and when Trump says ‘Make America Great Again,’ that’s what we think it means.

Of course the problem with this is, the world he thinks we need not only doesn't exist, it never existed.  He wants to go back to a time when "racist" was not an insult, and had no negative connotations.  His proposed constitutional amendment to revoke the citizenship of all non-whites makes people see him in a negative light, and he thinks that is just wrong.

The fact that Donald Trump is the standard-bearer for this amazingly evil streak of our polity, and the fact that more than a third of people are currently planning to vote for Trump regardless of who runs against him, is simply sickening.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F