The brown, brown grass of home

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The house we bought came with a lawn, and the local code enforces that we keep it. We asked about No Mow May and they said there's no way for them legally to forgive enforcing the mowing requirement. We're welcome to lobby the town council to add it for next year, though. But as it stands, if a single neighbor complained they would have to cite us.

We live on a block where someone complained about our next-door neighbor's flower bed because a single plant she grew looked like tall, dry grass. She had to take it out! So yes, we have that guy, within a few houses of here.

Well, they can make us mow it but they cannot make us water it, or put poison on it. So it grows dandelions all May and turns brown in July unless there's rain. OH, WELL!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F