The Retail Apocalypse Hits Home

The Susquehanna Trading Post is closing after over 60 years.  If you have ever driven US 15 north of Harrisburg, PA you have seen the iconic, (somewhat objectionable) billboards.

Questionable 1950s iconography notwithstanding, Jill and I have been occasional regulars here on our trips to and from Baltimore for nigh-on twenty years.  As a child Jill remembers a family vacation stop there on which she bought a small ornamental box.  It's the kind of childhood memory that sticks with one.  In recent years we've found excellent bags, hats, Minnetonka mocs (slippers and shoes) and beautiful Native American products.

The owners are retiring and have sold the place.  They don't know (or won't say) what will be in that location under the new ownership.  But they say they know it will not be retail.  Draw your own conclusions.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F