Desire Map

This story is a different look into what's on people's minds around the country.  Maybe you too will find it a little scary.

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Now a few states are checking out the cost of really ordinary things.  A gallon of milk in Alaska, gasoline in Hawaii.  Electricity in Wisconsin, public transit ("the T") in Massachusetts.  Some more rural interests are reflected in Montana and West Virginia.  Missouri just wants to build a house, and what could be more down-to-earth than that?

Then it gets a little edgier.  Two of the most rabidly anti-choice states, Florida and Alabama, want to know the cost of an abortion.  Maybe if they had some reality-based sex-ed they wouldn't have such issues.  In two other states, men are stepping up to their birth-control responsibilities and checking out the cost of vasectomies, so props to South Dakota and Arizona.

In some states, people are just trying to look their best.  We have two looking for facelifts, Oklahoma looking for breast lifts, Arkansas next door looking for breast implants, Idaho seeking liposuction and North Carolina needs a nose job.

Nevada searches for the costs of its famously legalized prostitution, but so does that other state known for legal gambling (AKA the insurance industry, where the edge is likewise always to the house), Connecticut. Tennessee and Mississippi are apparently looking to resolve some paternity issues, and Texas -- no fan of the Nanny State -- wants to hire a nanny.

Washington and New Hampshire apparently both wish to defect to Canada.  Pennsylvania and South Carolina are looking for a way to legally sell Nebraska and Wyoming the kegs of beer they seek.

Ohio is looking for a private investigator, and maybe it's planning to try to understand a couple of the really weird requests.  Louisiana perhaps still thinks it's under the French Monarchy?  I know we bought them out in 1803 but they are checking into the costs of succession.  File this under "things I hope are a mass typo."

Speaking of which... WTF, North Dakota?  Just, W T actual F?