Conservatives Need a Stupid Electorate

And not just about science.

Are you still wondering whether conservatives in the US are in the pocket of the oil/gas/coal industry?  (Or as I like to call it, "Oxidize Carbon for Christ!, LLC")  Well, you can probably put that to rest with their approach to climate science.  James Inhofe (R - Oil Industry), chairing the Senate's Committee on Environment and Public Works has declared that climate change is no problem because God can fix it.  Or, perhaps, his top three campaign contributor categories: Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities and Lobbyists would just like him to keep stalling for a few more quarters.

But now take a look at Oklahoma conservatives' objections to AP US History.  It takes a "consistently negative view" and fails to endorse "American exceptionalism."

I presume they want to replace it with something that will better indoctrinate educate our youth as to why it was so Awesome that Columbus brought Jayzus to the Western Hemisphere, swept the continent clear to make it safe for white people and their slaves, and finally discovered humanity's true destiny: ripping carbon from the ground in solid, liquid and gas forms (the holy trinity!), to finally find a use for all that surplus oxygen, and establish plutocracy as the Lord and the heirs of John D. Rockefeller intended.

The fact is that real education is the enemy of the US right-wing's agenda.  Check the spelling on Tea Party signs if you don't think this is so.  As the noted political philosopher Stephen Colbert has said,

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias."