Assange Wants Trump for President

Emily Lembo took this photo of some random Swede in 2014 for The Observer
Emily Lembo took this photo of some random Swede in 2014, for The Observer

The Observer is running a story about Julian Assange not wanting Hillary to be president.  You may remember Assange; he's like what Ed Snowden would be if you just removed Snowden's intellect and ethics. He also happens to lack Snowden's effectiveness at creating any change.

So I would love to see all the journalists who write these barn-burning stories make everyone who's hating on Hillary answer just one question: Do they prefer Trump?  YES or NO, no more words needed than that.  If YES, why?  If NO, what the F* do they think they're going to get by throwing rocks at Hillary?  Jill Stein?  Not bloody likely!

Tellingly, the Observer chose not to include this little detail in their coverage.  In fact, it never mentions Trump.  However could such a thing happen.

Back in reality, this is not Amazon.  We don't get to browse an endless selection.  We don't get to choose our very favorite -- or nothing at all, should the selection fail to please us.  We will get a new President this winter.  It will be either Hillary or The Donald.  The ability of some people to not get that, or pretend not to, is continually astounding.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F