Ann Coulter - Prankster

There's simply no way Ann Coulter truly, sincerely believes all the insane garbage she spews.  It has to be some kind of massive prank, or a bet, or a bizarre tontine of... ludicrous hateful statements, maybe?

Anyway the latest flood of her verbal sewage suggests that the "problem with this country" is immigrants.  Not "illegal immigrants," mind you.  Immigrants.  Now, by "immigrants" she means those who immigrated after her ancestors had.  So that would be the Irish and the Chinese and the Italians and the Jews and the Mexicans and the Vietnamese.  Among others.

But I think if we really wanted to solve the "immigrant" problem comprehensively we should take it up to the real authorities on watching what happens to this country as immigrants arrive.  The Iroquois, the Powhatan, the Seminole, the Cherokee and the Sioux.  Among others.

So I'm guessing that is not what Coulter meant.  It's hard to know what she really meant, though.  I think it might be a tontine.  Maybe we'll find out when she dies.

I can't wait!

(To find out what she meant!  What did you think I was saying?)