Vote Them All Out

The NRA bought itself a little more time last night.  All four microscopic, incremental proposals for just a smidgen of gun sanity were voted down in the Senate yesterday.

Or as the Guardian headline in their daily email put it,

The Senate's answer to Orlando: nothing

Not to toot my horn (OK, a little), and this was dead-easy to predict, but I did just exactly that, last week.

Now is the time to become a SINGLE ISSUE VOTER. Check here at Open Secrets for your state, for which members of Congress accepted money from the NRA.  Then: donate money to, and volunteer for, their opponents in the primary and in the general election.  Vote against them.  Tell everyone what you are doing and why.  These people don't give a f* about the lives of any Americans who don't grease their palms, and they should be rapidly unemployed.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F