Totally Normal and Routine

Michael Cohen's office raid might actually be the beginning of the end of this long national nightmare.

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Two articles make different but roughly equivalent arguments about just how serious this is. In The New Yorker, Adam Davidson explains how the investigation centered on Cohen is about different crimes from the Russian-election-collusion that Mueller is focused on, and - not incidentally - probably more resilient to fuckery from Pumpkin or the DOJ.

Meanwhile, over in the National Review, Andrew McCarthy delves into the necessity of there being serious criminal - not civil - charges before a step like raiding the President's lawyer's office would ever be taken by the prosecutors of the Southern District of New York.  Where he worked as one of those prosecutors for two decades.

(Yes, I just linked to William F. Buckley's flagship rag. Surely a portent of end times or something.) 

Popcorn is always good but this next batch might be extra-tasty.

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