Time to Cut It

It's time.

I made a last attempt to allow Spectrum to salvage the relationship.  I told them I was interested in their streaming-only option, and they said, yes, but you have to select only ten cable channels.  OK, I said, I can make that work.  There are eighteen channels I watch regularly, but many of them have just one or two shows.

I think that I almost lost it when the guy told me, no I could not buy the streaming-only option because I already had the conventional cable-TV package.  I pointed out that the alternate for Spectrum was, that I would be buying no TV package whatsoever.  The fellow repeated,manytimes, the lie that he "can't" do anything about this.

So now I have signed up for a promising Hulu package, and I will use Plex DVR to get Jeopardy!.  Between cable and TiVo, I am shedding about $100 a month in expenses.   That will cover buying a few seasons of things not in Hulu on Amazon. 

F* Spectrum.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F