Surprisingly Hard to Watch

We recently watched Being the Ricardos, which was quite good on its own, and also put us in a nostalgic frame of mind about I Love Lucy.

So we got hold of the series, and I must tell you: it was a great disappointment. It's just hard to watch.

Desi Arnaz was enormously talented and his talent is on full display. And as Ricky Ricardo, he's married to someone who's at least his equal*, and he treats her like an annoying teenager. He cannot tell her often enough that her role is simple and circumscribed: clean the house, cook the meals, have the babies.

I miss liking that show... but I'm glad we're at a place now where this is our reaction to it.

* - in-character, she's his approximate equal. In the real world, as entertainers, Lucille Ball was the equivalent of dozens of Desi Arnaz

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F