Hold My Beer and Watch This!

I think "Hold my beer and watch this!" should be the motto for quite a few of the Winter Olympics sports.

Let's start with Luge


Before you say, Well that guy is just a moron with a death-wish!  I will tell you, he may be exactly that.  But he's also the first USA luger to win a medal in the singles luge at the Winter Olympics.  That's Chris Mazdzer, winner of the 2018 Silver.

Skeleton is the sport they came up with because luge was far too sedate and safe.  Not only do you have even less hardware between you and the ice, but you go headfirst.


The NY Times called short-track speed skating "NASCAR on ice".  You may think, "NASCAR does not need to be on ice, does it?  Really?" And yet...


I was not going to include ski jumping because the current version of the sport uses these channels that guide the skier predictably down the hill to the exact launch point and it's all kind of boring now.  But this is an all-time classic:


Finally, a heavy metal fan takes to the figure skating ice and forces that extremely stodgy world to deal with AC/DC.  I wanted to embed a video here but NBC has it on insane lockdown, but you can click through for a video at Metal Injection.

Ivette Toth, Metalhead Figure Skater (you read that right).

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F