Smackwater Jack

I listened to Tapestry today.  While I would not say it's my favorite, I always look forward to this cut:

My favorite track, by the way, is the title track.  But this is a zippy little tune, and fun to sing along with.

For a light-hearted filler song, however, it sure gets at some of the serious problems in America.  If you pay attention to the story, you hear the tale of someone who snapped under the "abuse"; what kind, we can only guess.  Then a group of vigilantes lynch him.  (Do you suppose he was white?)

And why do they take the law into their own hands?  Because "their" wives and daughters (property) cannot not be allowed abroad until the streets are cleaned up.

The whole thing sounds like talking points for a Trump rally.  I presume King's attitude to these things to be disapproval.  But I have no evidence for that from the song itself.  And anyway, the tune is really zippy.

update: video replaced.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F