Tubman In! Jackson Out!

Woo hoo!  The $20 will be redesigned to feature Harriet Tubman, instead of the vile racist Andrew Jackson.  When I wrote this post last March, I was definitely pessimistic that something like this would happen.  So here we go and I am glad to be proven wrong about it!  Yes, the entire process will take about 15 years but you must admit: redesigning currency is a little bit of a longer lead time item than redesigning a web page.

This won't undo the legacy of the Trail of Tears or all the hideous destruction (still) wrought by the psychopathic doctrine of Manifest Destiny.  But winding down things like honoring such evil on our currency may be, at least, a start.

Naturally, Ben Carson found a way to be an absolute f*cking idiot about this:

It's impossible to overstate what an Ultimate Cartoon Caption this dingleberry is.

Carson spew via Crooks and Liars

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F