Sanders - Trump: Must-See TV

This is not comedy.  Comedy is being outstripped by reality.

This IS comedy but the rest is not
This IS comedy but the rest is not

So Trump and Sanders will debate?  I would definitely watch that.  But here are some random thoughts about it.

I doubt any Sanders supporters can be flipped to Trump, or vice-versa.

Debates, no matter against whom, won't matter to Trump supporters; you can't fix stupid.  But there may actually be undecided voters who will be swayed.

"Never wrestle with a pig - you both get muddy and the pig likes it."  If Sanders knows he won't be the Dem nominee, this is still a useful exercise.

For one thing, I have seen a report that Trump (yes!) is positioning this as a benefit with $10M to go to women's health.  If when Trump reneges on his part of that, it will be something that the Dem nominee can hammer daily from now until Election Day.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F