Motivating the Base

This was posted this week from Christian Nightmares and blogged all over.  You can think of this as a good reason to despise religion, and it is, or a vast misrepresentation of what Trans* really is, and it is that too.

But it's also a logical outcome of Republicanism since 1980.  They have gone further and further backward on the evolutionary scale steadily since then.  They passed the Reptilian-American with Newt in 1994, and now they are back to slime molds.

KKK and GOP are now natural allies, under the neo-Nazi banner of Trump.  The problem is, that there are enough morons (thanks to the steady degradation of American education by, yes, the Republicans) who vote, that there's now a serious chance of this being the face of our government in a year.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F