Random Things I Saw Today

The things a day of Ingress play will bring to my attention:

Heading out this morning, to clean the green out of the neighborhood.  There's a girl sprawled on porch roof of her house, lying on her stomach, talking to a friend just inside the second story window.  The girl on the roof is fully dressed and has a pillow out there.

After cleaning the algae out of the neighborhood, we go to Braddock Bay Raptor Research center.  Jill wants to see if there is any action at the Hawk Watch platform.  We are surprised to find a few new portals, so we get some unique captures and visits.  I go into the very utilitarian building where the training events are held, to use the bathrooms.  There is a a table set up near the door with about 200 lanyards, each one has an empty badge holder.  There's also stacks of badges for people to write their names, and each badge is pre-printed with "Friend", "Bride's Family" or "Groom's Family."  A wedding at Braddock Bay Raptor Research Center?  Plausible.  But: a wedding with name badges on lanyards?

Done for the day, we stop at Wegmans.  As we're walking in, we hear a car alarm going off.  We look over to see a woman rapping on the windows of her (?) car, pleading with "Samantha" to please unlock the doors.

On our way home from Wegmans we're lucky that the traffic light in the middle of the freeway on-ramp is green.

Just another day of Ingress around Rochester.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F