Pre-this, Pro-that.

I spent a few years of Saturday mornings escorting patients at a Planned Parenthood clinic from the parking lot to the door.  A clinic escort's main task is to draw the patients' attention away from the ugliness of the perennial clinic protesters.  The filth those people shout at these girls and women... ack!  And always in the name of Jesus, of course.  If they think they can get a bamboo splinter of guilt under her fingernail, hey, go for it.

When it comes to this issue, George here is, if anything, understated.

"Pro-life", like most Republican positions, is really pro-desperation.  The running theme of most GOP policy aspirations is to keep workers scared and cheap.  Ultimately, when a working-class woman can't get birth control (or indeed any health care, another darling Republican position), she's going to be reduced to desperation at the inevitable more mouths to feed.  Inevitable?  Yes.  Notice that along with the anti-choice position, the right wing opposes proper sex education and all forms of contraception.  We're left with the inescapable conclusion that what they want is: more children born into bad circumstances.  Because that is what will make a mom desperate.  She will take lousier jobs, and for less money.  She won't complain or report unsafe work conditions because she is afraid to risk what income she has.

Corporations will no longer have to engage with slave labor in Southeast Asia: they will have as good a source here.  The shipping savings might even make for a slight profit advantage over those Vietnamese 12-year olds.  Then they will brag about "American Jobs!"  As if the contempt they have for the Americans in those jobs could be any plainer.

Notice how Hobby Lobby has it go down in law as being against their corporate "religion" to provide women with basic health care that includes reproductive care.  Do we see these corporations lobbying for aid to the homeless, or early childhood education, or childhood nutrition programs?  For that matter, did even one of them seek to exclude Viagra or Cialis from their insurance plan?  George Carlin didn't live to see the Hobby Lobby decision, but oh I would have loved to hear the zingers he'd have zapped it with.