Phoning it In

I don't always write a gem.  Sometimes I "phone it in."  I admit this.  My goal is to post every day, not to post only when it's a five-star masterpiece.  Besides, one person's five-star is someone else's meh, 2/10, would not read again.

I kind of know where Randall Munroe is coming from, then, with this.

mouseover: There's also the TV show based on the hit Hot and Cold Music books: Fun With Chairs, Royal Rumble, Knife Blizzard, Breakfast for Birds, and Samba Serpents.

But the first one in this series of two now was only two weeks ago, and much better.  Plus I seriously doubt I will have as fun a conversation about any of these as I did about that first one.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F