Old White Bigot

Jen Sorenson, Daily Kos

So what's that cartoon about, if you just got back from Pluto?  Read.  To put it mildly uncharitably: the University tells all of it students, if you are not privileged enough to be able to shrug off difficult-to-traumatic topics without at least a chance to prepare mentally, man the heck up!  And I do mean "man" there.  Voices complaining about "free speech" and "political correctness" are just about exclusively male.  And where not male, they have SO much other privilege pancaked on they might as well be.  Think, Barbara Bush, or Ann Coulter.   Regardless, the free speech of white bro-dudes is not in the teeny-tiniest bit of danger.

But here's where the rubber really meets the road: earlier this month, the NY Times printed a prescient article on this issue.  It looked into the deeper reasons why universities are raising the backlash against on-campus speech (especially in classes) being considerate of less privileged persons' feelings: it's hitting them in the cash bucket!   Old rich white men who donate to their Alma Maters are pulling back because their feelings are being hurt (did they need a trigger warning, the poor dears?).  My favorite quote from the article, from one of the disaffected donors:

As an alumnus of the college, I feel that I have been... basically dismissed as an old, white bigot....

If the shoe fits, buddy.  If the shoe fits.

And so once again, the moral of the story is,

Always!  Follow!  The!  MONEY!!!


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

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