Some Law Enforcement is Illegal


From time to time, some ammosexual legislator will say, "We don't need any new gun laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have!"  Like almost everything else that comes out of the mouth of an elected official who slurps at the trough of the Death Eaters*, it is a Big Fat Lie.  The lie is not that we need to enforce the laws, that is 100% true†.  The lie is, that "enforcing the laws" is even remotely acceptable to them.  Because it most certainly is not.

In fact, a big part of the Death Eaters' legislative agenda is passing laws that prevent the enforcement of the gun laws we already have on the books.  Let that sink in a moment, then take a look at this GQ article.  Some people who actually believe in weird concepts like, "doing their jobs" are trying a bunch of heroic measures to get around the insane restrictions that Congress, quaking in fear of the Death Eaters, has fettered them with.

There is no computer.  They are not allowed to have any computers!  They have boxes of paper, and microfilm.  These restrictions have been written into the law by the NRA, with a reddish-brown crayon whose Crayola name would be, "Innocent Bystander Blood."

So when some gun-lovin' congressional anus says, "We should just enforce the laws we got!" be sure to ask them why they have outlawed doing exactly that.

* - Death Eaters is your humble blogger's nickname for the NRA

- implying that making new laws and enforcing existing ones are mutually exclusive is yet another lie, courtesy of the Death Eaters.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F