Not meant to offend

A Knoxville, TN church put up this sign and then had the temerity to be shocked that someone would take it the wrong way.

In the news story Andy Henry was quoted as saying, "It's clearly a sign that was meant to offend a particular community - the LGBT community. Because of (the church's) lack of foresight, they ended up offending everybody who had ever fought for equality or civil rights in general."  After the yelling started, the church changed the sign to say, "Didn't mean to offend."  And of course it was never going to offend the white, straight cis-gendered Christian men who make decisions at a place like Knoxville Baptist Tabernacle.

Still, isn't that the message of patriarchal religions and all patriarchal systems?  There cannot be an upper class/caste/race/gender without there being a corresponding lower.  Demanding that the playing field be leveled in any way is Evil.