My Best MP3 Player

Many people have now included "music player" with the other things they have delegated to their phones to do.  I've tried this, but it's not for me.  My phone is a busy little thing, and all those boops and bings and bongs it emits mean something.  Such interruptions don't mix well for me with a stream of music being played, which I treat as a form of meditation.

So when yet another MP3 player went on the fritz, I took a different path.  Based on a tip I read online, I searched on eBay for an Android phone with a bad ESN.  A phone with a bad ESN is a phone that can't be activated on a carrier: but that makes it sell for under $20 -- even under $10 for some. 

I ended up with an LG MS870, which runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich.  I rooted it, to eject the bloatware.  I connected it to my WiFi - so I could even make calls on it if I wanted to, using Skype.  I downloaded the classic Winamp Android app from the Winamp Enthusiasts site.  I paired a nice Plantronics stereo Bluetooth headset to it... et voilà!  A dedicated MP3 player for under $20 that won't interrupt the play with anything mundane.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F