Many People Who Look Like Me Need to STFU About...

I hope this is the last of these posts I have to make.

White Judeo-Christian cis-hetero- folks need to STFU about how the prospect of a Trump presidency ain't so bad.

Because the only people I hear it from seem to be white Judeo-Christian cis- and hetero- people.  Mostly males, actually, but with a small sprinkling of women in there just to make me think, Wow.  Stockholm Syndrome is real.

Short version of why: that's all well and good for you because the fascists he will place at the levers of power will fuck everyone else up first.

One argument I hear is, "he won't get in" -- and so therefore they think it's OK to throw away a vote that would otherwise have reduced his chances.  Just weeks ago, this exact individual expression of perversity, multiplied by a few hundred thousand, is how Brexit passed!  How do you like it now?

Here's an excerpt from Dan Savage's delicious rant in response to yet another consumer-choice voter who wants to "send a message" and foment "the revolution" with a vote for Trump (cast in the name of Jill Stein, of course):

The revolution did not come in 2000 when George W. Bush got close enough to winning to steal the White House. It will not come if Donald J. Trump gets his ass elected.

Disaster will come. And the people who’ll suffer are not going to be the pasty white Green Party supporters — pasty white Jill Stein and her pasty white supporters. The people who’ll suffer are going to be people of color. People of minority faiths. Queer people. Women.

In November there is only one way to prevent women, blacks, browns, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, atheists, LGBTQ people and everyone who makes less than $250K from getting ground under the heel of fascism.  That is to vote FOR Hillary.

You don't have to like it.  I don't expect to like it!  Anyone who wants to: after the election, let's have a beer and commiserate about how much we didn't like it.  But you have to do it.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F