I Hate Ads

I do.  I block them online without exception.  If someone asks me for help blocking ads, I will offer it gladly.  If your page has an ad that slides by uBlock Origin's filters, I will not be able to close that tab fast enough.  If you make that difficult, I promise you: I will reboot my f*ing computer before I will click on your ad.

I have disabled Flash in all of my browsers where that is technically possible.  Any video content that is not available as HTML5... I survived this long without it and I guess I can scrape by a few more years in that same state.

I very nearly have eliminated ads from my TV watching also.  I use the heck out of TiVo's 30-sec skip and the green 'D' button that (in some shows) jumps immediately to the end of the ad break.  And everything I watch goes through my TiVo.  I watch nothing as it's being broadcast unless absolutely necessary: specifically to avoid having to watch ads.  The occasional sporting event that I watch almost-live will be started from the in-progress recording on my TiVo about an hour after it actually starts, using the backlog as an ad-skipping buffer.  If I "catch up," then I will take a break and let fresh backlog accumulate.  It's OK with me if I don't find out who wins the Masters or the World Series for an entire 40 minutes after the rest of you do.

If someone really wants to sell me something there are still ways to do that.  #1 would be, earn a glowing review from a website or publication I respect. The top ten list of ways to sell me anything, however, do not include showing me ads for it.  Nor even the top 100.  I don't believe anything in ads once we get past, "this is the product."  I guess I can trust them to get the product's name right.  But I seethingly resent having to see them whenever I can't avoid it.  If you think hatred and anger is good "mind-share" or some other Mad-Men bit of psychobabble  BS you have convinced yourself to believe, all I can say to you is, good luck with that.

But this.  I keep this bookmarked.


This is a work of art that happens to have been made in the service of selling candy.  A candy that I like anyway.

So make of that what you will.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F