Grift American Style

If you still don't believe the Republican candidates are all about the Benjamins, think on this piece from a couple months ago in Salon.

It turns on the Mike Huckabee kerfuffle in March where he was endorsing and selling his "good name" on behalf of a cure for diabetes, a cure that possibly is even worse than praying over it.  At least prayer does no direct harm.

Like Fred Thompson trying to do his part to impoverish the middle class by hawking reverse mortgages, or Bob Dole selling Viagra (on behalf of the same "big pharma" Huckabee tells you to eschew... hmmm!), Huckabee wants to make sure that the 1% get richer, and that he's a member when they do.

The streak of grift is so deep in the GOP that if it were eliminated, I think whatever's left would blow away on the first strong breeze.

via Lawyers, Guns & Money