Chicken Ripple

Food as conceptual art. Or conceptual art as food. Or something.

We watch some cooking shows.  Some of them make some food that looks like a dish of grub that you'd love to sit down and tuck right into.  Chopped, Worst Cooks in America, Cooks vs Cons and so on seem to show food that consistently makes me think I would like to eat it.  Food that might be worth trying to replicate in my own kitchen.

And then there are other shows, Iron Chef and its progeny come to mind.  The food made on these shows is alien.  And alienating.  If I were in a room where this food was being served, I would be looking around for an exit while hoping the aliens were mostly friendly.  It ranges from weird to WTF.  The judges describe paroxysms of flavor ecstasy but you just wonder how many years of eating food like that it takes to want to eat food like that.  Are they that culturally deprived?  Will someone get these people a goddam Reuben?!

We watched an episode of Iron Chef Gauntlet where the eventual winner pulled ahead in the competition by making chicken liver ice cream.

That's not a misprint.  Not (quite) a lyric from Porcupine Pie.   Chicken liver freakin' ice cream.  For dessert.  What kind of restaurant is this?  Is that a diner across the street?  Let's go.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F