Census Time

We did our census form this week.

Our last line of defense. What do you bet Stephen Miller has been spraying Coronavirus in the women's bathrooms there for the past two weeks?

The census has been subject to a lot of shenanigans over the course of our history, but nothing compares to the feats of gerrymandering that this Rethuglican government will layer onto it if they keep control after this year. Voting will be more important than ever. Another cycle with the Senate under Moscow Mitch and a Pumpkin in the White House will mean courts that shred our rights for decades.

Right now it looks like Biden, not Bernie, will be the Dem nominee. Biden has his issues but... here's what sitting this out will accomplish: a Federal court system packed with nutjobs that make Clarence Thomas look like Louis Brandeis.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F