Can We Talk About Dave?

Not to be confused with Time Signature magazine

When it comes to time signatures, nobody messes with normal like Dave Brubeck.  A waltz is just a baby step away from the ordinariness of 4/4.

Ever wonder what it sounds like if you had to waltz with a limp?  Dave has your answer

Now you know.   Then there's ragtime, which is mostly showing up on other blogs than this one - because it's 2/4 or 4/4.  But Brubeck does this

OK, so much for THAT preconception.  But what about other N/4 times, where N is an odd number?  Well, if you have been reading thisand  wondering, "why have I heard of this Brubeck guy?" here's your answer.  By the way, this piece made the cover of Time magazine.

Also, Time Signature magazine devoted a whole issue to it.

OK, 5/4 is weird, but can he get even weirder?  You knew the answer as you read the question

Wait - one more! From 7/4 to 9/8

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

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