Betty White Weirdness

Not her weirdness, which is both plentiful and delightful.  But weirdness about her...

Jill texted me at work today with the "news" that Betty White had died on Jan 23, a full week ago.  Googling her name seemed to confirm this - the capsule bio at the right of the google results gave the date of her death as Jan 23, 2018.  (Or to follow my dating policy, which is "ISO-8601 or GTFO", 2018-01-23.)

Well, how the hell did I miss THAT in a week's worth of Reuters, The Atlantic, WaPo, NYT, and Guardian hitting my Feedly every hour of every day?  Sure enough, if you just Google "Betty White" you get something like this:

So off to Wikipedia I went, that reliable-ish purveyor of instant obituaries since 2001.  Her page has been reverted SEVERAL times in the past week from reporting her death to NOT reporting her death.

The news media, the real non-fake news media, persist in NOT reporting her death.  So, although I could wish it featured a different selection from her digits, I share with you my attitude (and, I can but hope, hers) about this whole thing.

Happy 96th birthday, Bee-Dub!  And many more!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F