Baltimore Links

I'm not at the point yet of writing much coherent about what's happening in my hometown, but here are some things I have found illuminating to read.

  • Freddie's Gray's death was because "maybe somebody screwed up" but the community that has not had a trustworthy institution for half a century should just "let the process play out."
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates is as incandescent as usual (which seems almost unfair to him, but... hey).
  • The WaPo plays eager stenographer for the blame-the-victim crowd.  Do they think they protect access to sources by doing this kind of thing?  What is that worth if what they are providing is a credible(-ish) outlet for half-truths and propaganda?
  • If the Ferguson -> Baltimore sequence of events gives rise to a newly vigorous and effective civil rights movement, we'll say it was worth it.  Whether we'll be right or not, I may not even live to see.
  • Meanwhile, troglodytes always look for the opportunity to stomp on a person who's already been knocked down.  I guess it's a good thing when bigots out themselves so handily.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F