What's the Big Deal?

Russians hacked our election process with fake news and with (probably) altering results of a few key states.  And now Trump supporters what to know, So what?  The Times quotes one idiot Trump supporter, "If that's what it took, I'm glad they did it."  This fine gentleman is pictured in the article sitting next to a pickup truck loaded with firewood.  I'd bet he has a degree in that.

They hate the government so much that they welcome Putin's assistance in destroying it. The, um, low-information voter has been taught, since the days of Reagan, that government benefits only enrich the less deserving.  You know, the n***ers, the sp*cs and the f***ots.  (Welfare queens, anyone?)  Never the "hard-working", which of course means whites.

So the real goal should be to shred and discard all of it.  Even if it hurts them too.  It's literally worth it, for the spite.  And if you look at Trump's cabinet picks, every one of them has made a career of despising the department they are set to run.  Into the ground.

Since the wealthy whites will benefit or at worst not be harmed, and the low-information voters who came along for the ride can easily be duped into not caring, the Nazis Trumpists think this will all go just fine.

Will it?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F