Waltz Wednesday

As an alternating motif with Train Music Thursdays, today I start doing Waltz Wednesdays.  One thing train music never is: a waltz.  And though there are so many waltzes in all musical genres, from folk to heavy metal, there is





This is the one they play in a movie when the lead couple must waltz now, and the film's music director skipped the class on Subtlety at Music Director Academy.  This is the one that, people who have no idea what a waltz is, know what this is.

In bi-weekly installments to come, I will be presenting many more examples of waltzes from all genres.  As I have mentioned here before, I have a thing for them.

And, one more thing! A "waltz", for the purpose of this blog, does not have to be in true 3/4 time. As long as it's in triple metre, we're going to be fine with it.  3/4, 6/8, 9/8, 3/2, 12/8... I don't care.  When I started looking into this topic, I found that swarms of music nerds love to fight over this, with their battle cries of "Count it out!"  The heck with that, I say!  There will be no fighting about this, here.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F