A certainly incomplete list of Tuesday's winners:

  • rape culture
  • racism
  • xenophobia
  • scapegoating of minorities
  • the 0.1%
  • the alt-right (coming to think this label is ill-advised - we should just call a hate group a hate group)
  • the KKK
  • Putin
  • division
  • hate

And the list of losers, also incomplete:

  • women
  • LGBTQA (where the A stands for Anyone not 100% gender- or sexuality-conforming)
  • anyone needing healthcare
  • non-WASPs
  • the USA
  • love
  • equality
  • humanity


A lot of articles today talk about what President Pumpkin will do.  The only thing I know about those articles is, they are as reliable as Tuesday morning's polls.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F