...for whom, exactly?

Once again this morning, I entertained an argument from a person of good will about how the Trump voters are the great mass of poor misunderstood unheard inarticulate victims of some unspecified wrong, and we need to unify and build lines of communication and...


F* all that.  The Trump voter is a voter who still voted for Trump after he:

  • Classified an entire nationality as rapists and criminals,
  • Admitted to sexual assault and attempted rape in his own right (which begs the question, was the previous item actually meant as praise, by his lights?),
  • Mocked the disabled,
  • Accused, with zero evidence, #BlackLivesMatter of murdering cops,
  • Called for the assassination of a political opponent,
  • Pledged to jail said opponent,
  • Called for the murder of women and children to distress their male relatives who are members of ISIS,
  • Cheated subcontractors of their pay, bankrupting many small businesses in his wake
  • Cheated on his taxes,

and so on ad nauseam.  Literally, once so far this week.  I have no truck with those people, for whom none of the above moral failures (and probably quite a few felonies) were a deal-breaker.  I see no future circumstance in which I might.

A team of arsonists has burned down the house, and I do not think the process of rebuilding the house requires making nice with the arsonists.

As for empathy or sympathy, I will be expending all I have on the vulnerable people who will be harmed and threatened by the coming nightmare of our first openly fascist president.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F