Ugh, I Hate Missing

Missed a day again yesterday. I hate that.

Since Jill had foot surgery in May, I have worked from home. Overall I like that a lot.  My doctor even noticed that it seems to have some health benefits for me.  Less stress for the same job, than the version with the commuting?  Yes, please!

One thing that can happen, though, is the workday leaks over into the rest of your day.  I know this can happen regardless of commute.  It's just easier to miss it when home and office are the same address.  My work laptop/docking station and my private PC are at the same desk, with an A/B switch for the keyboard and mouse, and the monitors' dual inputs being leveraged to the fullest.  I noticed when I got up this morning that the rig was still set to my work laptop, not back to my own desktop.  An email tempest-in-a-teapot that bubbled up about 6PM last night had to be quelled, and then I got to cooking.... and that's how it happens.

I would still not trade in working from home.  Best thing ever, for any digital worker.  In my humble* opinion.

* - everyone who knows me is now giggling furiously at the implication that I hold any opinion "humbly".

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F